As you guys probably saw scattered all over my Instagram, we were lucky enough to receive the Peugeot 3008 SUV for a week’s test drive.

It’s safe to say it completely exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to tell you all about the positive aspects of the car and what made it so family friendly.

So I think the main thing to account for when looking for a family car is it’s ‘practicality’. Parenting can be tough at the best of times so whenever and wherever we can make our lives a little easier, we definitely should do. A few things that stood out to me were;

  • The generous sizing – Both the front and the back seats had plenty of foot room, the seats were wide and comfortable, and having fitted a large isofix car seat in the back I can assure you there was still plenty of room for grandparents, dogs, shopping, luggage, toys… you name it! The boot was an absolute game changer, I have never owned a car with such generous boot space, I was able to fit Reggie’s pushchair in without taking any bits apart or removing wheels, and a suitcase with plenty of space to spare!
  • Storage – Another parent favourite is storage, give a mum far more pockets than necessary and she’ll be happy! The 3008 SUV had an amazing selection of pockets and cubby holes, my favourite being the never ending armrest hole, I feel like I could store my whole wardrobe in it.
  • Easy drive – I have to admit, I’m not used to an easy drive, having always owned manuals I never realised what a game changer an automatic was, driving the 3008 SUV I instantly felt like an octopus, I had all these limbs spare which were always in use in my manuals! The drive was so amazing, with such a smooth gearbox and the option of sports mode and paddle shift gearbox it was fun and exciting for both Connor and I. We kept mixing around our seats to try out different options and each and every seat was so smooth and comfortable, suddenly being a back seat passenger became some what appealing! Considering we were testing their 3008 SUV GT Line, I expected the fuel to be guzzled and have to fill it up a few days after it arrived, I was proven completely wrong, the fuel economy was incredible and having driven it everyday, some days in sports mode, we were still left with almost half a tank a week later!
  • Technology – Everyone loves a bit of technology, the 3008 SUV’s I-Cockpit completely amplifies your driving experience, blessed with a huge 8-inch touch screen filled with different options and built in controls, it’s futuristic techy interior offered bluetooth music and telephone and had clear and accessible buttons. It also had a row of ‘piano key’ buttons below the screen which made things incredibly straight forward and didn’t distract you whilst driving. My favourite features were definitely the wireless charging pad on the centre console and also the option of different scents which came out of the air vents, pretty flash! The parking cameras and sensors were very sensitive and clear with automatic angled mirrors to assist.

I’ve spoken a bit about the practicality but design also plays a huge part in which car you choose. The first thing I remember about the car is when Connor signed for it and sent me across some photos of it with the message “It’s sick!”. If you know Connor you’ll know not much reaches that mark as he’s a bit of a car snob, he was so impressed with the interior and exterior design, as was I!

It’s sleek, well chiselled exterior perfectly compliments its futuristic and clean interior. It has a powerful front end with its raised radiator grille and chrome chequerboard and is combined with stylish, feline full LED headlights to create a sharp voguish overall design. I fell in love with the panoramic opening glass roof, who’d have known how practical the option to turn the car from day to night in the click of a button would be, makes nap time in the car a walk in the park!


  • Plenty of usable and practical storage.
  • Generous boot space, with enough room for a pushchair and plenty to spare.
  • Isofix on every seat.
  • Straightforward tech and controls so no distraction.
  • Arm rest with cup holders as a fold down on the back middle seat, which gives the kids a place for their bottles, meaning no awkward leaning around whilst driving.

I would definitely recommend the Peugeot 3008 SUV, in fact we’re looking into buying it as our next car, it ticks all the boxes whilst remaining incredibly sleek and desirable. Prices start at £25,395.

*Gifted 7 day review of the Peugeot 3008 SUV GT Line.

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