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Pregnancy can be a very exciting time, there are so many things to look forward to but for me the excuse to throw a party with all my family and friends was by far the best part!

Here’s a sneak peak into my Gender Reveal and how the day went… (p.s scroll down to the bottom to watch our gender reveal video)

I was keen to have all my family and friends over for the reveal so for that reason we needed lots of space, you also need to prepare for all weather conditions, if you’re planning on hosting the party outside make sure you have some shelter from the rain if it decides to make an unwanted appearance.

I decided to have the reveal at my parent’s house, they have a large courtyard and a big sheltered garage so it worked perfectly but perhaps look into a local rugby, football or cricket club, you could all be outside on the grass but shelter inside the clubhouse if need be, or possibly a pub with a nice big garden. Perhaps you’re only having a small gathering though with your nearest and dearest so your living room or kitchen will most likely be big enough.

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When it comes to deciding how you want to reveal the gender of your baby there are soooo many different ideas out there, we decided to get a trustworthy friend to pack a box full of the correct colour balloons so Connor and I could open it together and everyone would be able to see the gender at the same time. 

Here are a few of my other favourite ideas:

​- Pink or blue confetti cannons (either just you and your partner or the entire guest list can pop them)
– Gender reveal balloon (Its something you and your partner can do at the same time making it special for both of you)
– Another idea I like and I think I might use it for our next baby is to have someone stand hidden somewhere with a bunch of either pink of blue balloons and once they recieve the signal they release the balloons so the gender is revealed above everyone in the sky…

Its all in the details, make yourself a little checklist and tick off as you go… Have you worked out how much food and drink you’ll need, have you got enough decorations and chairs for 
people to sit on?

Heres the checklist I went by:

– Chairs for the people how many struggle to stand the whole party
– Enough tables to rest peoples drinks on
​- Tables for the food and drink

– Finger sandwiches; Cucumber, Ham & Mustard, Beef & Horseradish, Salmon, Egg & Cress, Jam.
– Cupcakes and bites to eat for people with a sweet tooth, we made chocolate cupcakes, cupcakes with sweets on for the children, scones with jam and clotted cream, millionaire shortbread and a big victoria sponge cake.
​- We also had a platter with fruit and veg on.

– Make sure you’ve got something for everyone, for all different ages and tastebuds.
– We had champagne, red wine, white wine, beer, gin, coca cola, elderflower spritzer and a couple of different fruit juices.

– Its always nice to decorate your location so thats its pleasing to the eye, we went a bit OTT with all our balloons but I absolutely loved it. We went for the baby blue, pink and silver theme throughout so it all worked together.

Last but not least and most importantly in my eyes is the guest list, I remember when I told people about my gender reveal, lots of them rolled their eyes and thought it was a daft idea… Don’t bother inviting those people, they will only bring a downer on your day.

I made sure I invited all of mine and Connor’s family and also a handful of my closest friends. Everyone was so excited for us and it made our day even more special.


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