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As you guys probably already know, Connor and I were lucky enough to receive a Simba Hybrid Mattress, which for me was like a dream come true! I am such a fussy sleeper and comfort it hugely important, Connor also suffers from bad backs and neck ache so a good mattress is absolutely essential for our household, however soon after moving into our first house together we found out that I was pregnant and all of our priorities were pushed aside and we just couldn’t justify spending any money on ourselves. So 2 years after moving into our home a gifted luxury was hugely welcome and it has completely changed the way we sleep. Typically Connor loves a hard mattress and I love being sunken into my mattress and pillows so we had to find a happy medium, and the Simba Hybrid Mattress is just that, with 2,500 pocket springs and adaptable memory foam in five layers it ensures enough firmness whilst still being bouncy and sinky.

I also found with lots of pocket sprung mattresses that over a few months or so I could start to feel the springs and hard lumps in the mattress which completely ruins a comfortable night sleep, but the Simba Hybrid is still perfect and not even dipped in the months that we’ve owned it.

Also I’m going to try explain this in simple terms as I was telling my mum the other day and seemed to get too technical haha but basically the Hybrid Mattress has 5 different layers, each with a separate job.

Top layer – The top layer is a breathable, hypoallergenic sleep surface which you can unzip and easily wash. And its super soft to touch.

Second layer (Connor’s layer) – This is the best bit for Connor as he hates getting hot during the night, this cooling comfort layer is specially designed to stop overheating whilst also providing another layer of extra support (which helps his back)

Third layer – Next layer is the layer built up of pocket springs and this is the bit that stops you rolling into each other, it gives you your own support so you can sleep comfortably all night long. This layer also has an added feature which is the Edge to Edge support meaning that every part of the mattress offers support and cradles your body so you never feel like you’re rolling off the edge of your mattress.

Fourth layer – They havent stopped there, they have also added a layer of Visco memory foam which moulds to your body for more restful sleep.

And finally the fifth layer – The bottom layer is called the ‘Zoned Base’ and this has been engineered to give you pressure relieving support in all the right places.

Besides the fact that the Simba Hybrid Mattress is incredibly comfortable and a complete game changer it also comes in the most convenient and portable cardboard box meaning theres no awkward and bulky maneouvoring up staircases and around hallways (Connor was able to carry it by himself up two sets of stairs and through our incredibly narrow hallways) They also have free delivery and offer mattress removal, which I wish I took up as I now have an old king size mattress stored away in our spare room… So just bear that in mind if you decide to buy one!

PLUS call me biased but I love the fact that our mattress was designed and manufactured 100% in the UK.

They don’t only sell mattresses but also pillows, bed sheets, mattress protectors, duvets and children products too. Perhaps we’ll treat ourselves to more of their Hybrid range later in the year.

Get £75 off by clicking this link: (Affilliate link)

Thank you so much Simba for our mattress, we absolutely love it and are so grateful for the chance to review it. *gifted

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