For Reggie’s first birthday we were fortunate enough to be invited for a cake smash with Little Aggie Photography.

On arrival we were met by the most incredible set up, rails full of beautiful fairy dresses and little knitted dungarees for the boys, there were knitted bonnets and pretty pink props for little girls. Handcrafted wooden toys and crochet animals, and a huge array of Aggie’s photography tastefully dressing the walls.
Aggie was so welcoming and kind hearted, she is genuinely just a beautiful person inside and out, she spent the time getting to know Reggie and bonding with him before even picking up her camera, she managed to get Reggie giggling and dancing around which resulted in the most beautiful photos.
There were a few different segments to the photo shoot…
First Reggie was let loose with all the wooden toys and his birthday balloons, creating some beautifully natural photos. It was then time for the main event… the cake smash!!
Aggie will usually supply the birthday cake which is handmade by a local cake maker however as Aggie did the photo shoot complimentary we didn’t expect a free cake too, however she decorated the cake so beautifully and exactly how I would have chosen to do it myself, if not 100 times better! All the decorations and props were so tasteful and thoughtfully placed.
Reggie was a bit difficult when it came to the cake smash as he’s not really into eating…especially when theres a room full of toys and new things, however not surprisingly Aggie was incredibly patient and some how managed to get amazing photos of Reggie actually eating the cake!
Next was Reggie’s bubble bath, again a very tricky task with an inquisitive one year old, but with a whole lot of funny noises and distractions Reggie was able to sit still for long enough… The bath was coloured with a white milk to make the photos look that bit more professional and lemon and lime slices were added for a special touch, a bubble machine was also running in the background which is one of my favourite details in Reggie’s photos.
The final stage, once Reggie was all cleaned off in his bubble bath was the photo shoot with Connor and I, Aggie was incredibly efficient as Reggie was getting a bit tired by this point, explaining which poses would work best and moving us around to get the nicest shots, she also did separate photos with just Reggie and I and then Reggie with Connor.
I would definitely definitely recommend Aggie and we are over the moon with all of our photos, although this was a complimentary photo shoot, I can honestly say, hand on heart, I will be re-booking!!!!
And for those of you wondering Aggie is based in Worthing, just next to Brighton.

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