If you’re reading this from the perspective of a Parent, Auntie, Uncle, Guardian, Grandmother, Friend, Nanny… or just anybody who cares for a young child… You will most likely know about the struggle that is associated with teeth brushing!

I certainly did… Reggie was incredibly late when it came to teething and actually cutting some teeth so it wasn’t until he was almost one that we needed to worry about which toothbrush or toothpaste to use and whether he was actually going to let us brush his teeth, he was at an age where distraction came very easily and things didn’t hold his attention for longer than about 20/30 seconds, so we knew we needed something that would keep him occupied and interested.

When we discovered Playbrush it was sort of meant to be, the timings couldn’t have been any better and it was just the thing we were looking for, and although Reggie is still a bit too young to comprehend the games and what’s actually happening, the apps still keep him entertained for long enough to get a decent teeth brushing session in. We also found that because it became more of a fun task, Reggie showed a huge amount of interest every morning and night and it made his daily routine run more smoothly. We also found that setting up a stool in the bathroom gave him an ‘area’ to brush his teeth so it was all relatable and he knew what time it was!

We have been using the Playbrush Smart Sonic for about 5 months now and it has definitely made our lives easier plus it has been scientifically proven that kids brush for twice as long whilst using a Playbrush.


It’s so easy to set up the brush so that it links up with games. If you’ve got the Smart Sonic the brush is already bluetooth ready, so make sure you download the play brush app to your phone or iPad, it’ll then take you through step-by-step instructions to link the brush to your app via bluetooth. if you bought the Smart brush, which is the manual toothbrush with an attachable bluetooth base, it’s very similar, you just have to push on the bluetooth base to the toothbrush to make it connectable.

When you buy either of the brushes they come with two games but you are also able to upgrade to a subscription so that you can download more apps and games, you can also get statistics of how well your child is brushing their teeth, which I found really interesting… You can see the statistics of which teeth got brushed and for how long! The upgrade costs £2.99 per month and you can get 3 additional games and the brushing data.

We have been lucky enough to try out both the brushes; The Manual and the Sonic… The obvious differences are that one is manual and one is electric, the cost is also different, with the manual costing £19.99 (currently on sale, it usually costs £34.99) and the electric brush costs £24.99 but usually costs £39.99! I think they both have their own benefits, the electric one I feel is more enjoyable for toddlers and adds that extra element of fun but then the manual has a detachable Playbrush base so it is transferable to any ordinary manual toothbrush from the supermarket, so perhaps has more longevity. I should also mention that if you have two children and need two brushes you can link them up and have dance battles… Hands up I have already tried dancing against Reggie… he won!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the different toothbrushes and options.

Toothbrushes have been gifted by Playbrush #Gifted #AD

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