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As you know we have been so incredibly fortunate and were gifted the beautiful Occaro x Moon from Mamas and Papas to review.

We have had a huge mixture of prams sent our way in the past year and have loved reviewing them all for you, we feel as though we’ve got a real understanding now for what makes a desirable pram for the average everyday parent.

To start off with I’m sure you’ll all agree the Occaro x Moon is incredibly kind on the eye, it has been designed with such care and each and every detail has been finished off so beautifully, the fabric is luxurious, thick and doesn’t crease. 
Our colour is especially beautiful, we chose the “Dove” which is a stoney beige but the Occaro x Abraham Moon is also available in Navy Parquet, which is probably best described as a rich denim colour, both the Occaro x Moon colours come with the beautiful tan leather accents which I’m an absolute sucker for and the Occaro (without the collaboration with Abraham Moon) is equally beautiful and available in Grey Twill, Chestnut, Dark Navy, Black Diamond and Khaki. 

What’s so special about the Abraham Moon collection?…

The Mamas and Papas heritage inspired collaboration with Abraham Moon combines his fine quality woollen fabrics with the innovative designs of Mamas & Papas, I would best describe the look of the fabric as a herringbone or tweed, a fabric very relevant to where we live, the collection also includes an exclusive lambs wool blanket and keepsake bear which you would have seen featured on my Instagram feed and stories, such a lovely addition and treasured keepsake for the future.

Mamas and Papas claim the Occaro is designed to go anywhere…

Mamas and Papas claim their bestselling pushchair is designed to go anywhere!  

“With large, chunky wheels and dual suspension, the Occaro can handle any terrain, while the large, plush seat keeps baby comfortable at all times…”

This is a very bold statement and one that we don’t take lightly, however I am more than happy to say after testing the pram out on an array of different terrains; the cobbled streets of Tunbridge Wells, the grass and stodgy mud at our local parks and the fields around my parent’s house, snow… when it fell last week, We tested it going up and down pavements and curbs, wet bricks as some prams just slip, which is no good around where we live as there are plenty of bricked hills leading to busy roads… and the Occaro has dealt with it like an absolute pro, the prams wheels are chunky enough to grip and not slip, and it is lightweight enough to lift up and down the curbs in our town… which believe me, if the pram isn’t right, you soon realise how many curbs there around in a very short distance! 

The design of the pram…

The pram has the option of forward or rear facing which is always a bonus for me, when Reggie is bored and irritable I will face him outwards so he’s able to watch the world go by and stay entertained and when he’s getting sleepy I’ll flip him around to face me so there’s no distractions and he’s able to fall asleep. 
The recline is very smooth and easy to do one handed, when Reggie is asleep and I fully recline the seat, I am able to unzip the hood to create an even longer canopy so he is covered and doesn’t have the sun in his face. 
The canopy also has another unzippable section which is breathable with mesh, this is no doubt for our hot summer months to make being in a pram more bearable. 
One of my favourite features, which I’ve never seen on another pram, it’s the small pocket on the inside of the hood, it’s so unbelievably handy, we keep either his dummy, his silky or my car keys in it! It’s just a really obvious place to keep something really important!

The shoulder straps and clasp are easy to clip together, which is very important for me as Reggie has hit the terrible twos early and started having temper tantrums where he becomes this slippery bar of soap and ridiculously strong! 

The basket beneath isn’t huge but it’s big enough for everything I need, the most I have put in it so far was yesterday and I managed to fit;

⁃ Reggie’s changing bag (Tiba and Marl rucksack)
⁃ A spare blanket 
⁃ 2 pairs of wellies
⁃ His pair of Dr Martens
⁃ Puddlesuit
⁃ A book
⁃ His iPad 
⁃ The raincover for the pram 
⁃ His lunch 
⁃ His water bottle
⁃ A plastic sainsburys bag (for any wet clothes and shoes)
⁃ And his coat

So as you can see if fits plenty in and if I wear the changing bag, there’s even more space to put things.

The brake and foldability…

The brake is very simple and like many other prams is the foot brake on the front right hand side on the buggy. 

To fold the pram it is very straight forward, there’s a black grip on the top of the handlebar which has a click in button, as you press in the button the black grip can be twisted which collapses the main bulk of the pram, then above where the basket is, there’s a metal bar with another twistable grip on, once this is twisted the whole pram folds together nice and compact.

Does it fit in the car boot?…

We have an abnormally small car boot, I have an Audi A1 and every pram we have reviewed so far hasn’t been able to fit, we have had to take a variation of 1 to 4 wheels off to fit it in, luckily the Occaro only needs one wheel off to fit so that is another bonus for us! 

Answers to Questions you guys asked over on my Instagram:

Q – Is this your favourite pram you’ve had?
A – Yes this is my favourite pram so far. I loved the height on our Nuna Demi grow but it was very heavy and not as easy to use.

Q – Is it sturdy?
A – Yes very sturdy, we put each of the poor prams through their paces, we try out every terrain and with this test out their suspension, Reggie seemed very happy and wasn’t shaken around at all.

Q – How is the weight of it?
A – As I mentioned above, I have to make sure the pram is comfortable to push and easy enough to lift up and down curbs as that’s what I seem to do all day. I also push the pram a lot one-handed so the weight is definitely something I take into account, the Occaro is lightweight and nimble, I can push it one handed and it’s easy to lift up and down so yes the weight is definitely not a problem!

I think I have answered all of the other questions in my review above, if not please feel free to message me for the ins and outs!

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