I know quite a few of you have come this way from my Instagram page so I’m sure you already know that I am currently trialling out the Slendertone Abs8… But for those of you who just follow my blog, Slendertone have been kind enough to gift me one of their Abs8 toning belts to try out over the next month or so…

I have always been very sceptical of products that claim to change me physically and only fully believe them once I see some results for myself, so as you can imagine I was really intrigued and as it was free I decided it would be good for me to test out for you guys before you go spending any money.

I know a few of you have asked me over on Instagram why I felt I needed to use it, but no matter what size you are, you can still have areas of your body that may need toning up, and after giving birth to Reggie I have really struggled with my tummy and arms, I don’t hate the areas and its all part and parcel of bringing a baby into the world but if a product can help me change and better myself without changing my lifestyle and jeopardise the free time that I always spend with my son I am more than willing to try!

I use it every morning after I’ve had my shower and breakfast for about 25 minutes on programme 1 and I use it on intensity level 30 and the gradually build it up to 40 or 50 depending on what my body can take (this will all make sense if you have the belt) but basically the belt has 10 different programmes;

  • 7 Passive Programmes (while reading, working on your computer, watching TV, walking, cooking, helping with your kids homework etc.): 1. Initiation, 2. Beginner, 3. Intermediate, 4. Advanced, 5. Expert, 6. Pro Toning, 7. Ab Power.
  • 3 Active Programmes (while doing a physical activity): 8. Endurance (with a moderate cardio activity such as active walking, jogging or using a stepper or exercise bike), 9. Beginner Crunch & 10. Advanced Crunch (to maximize your Ab Crunch training).

And then it has 100 intensity levels meaning you can create your own workout that works best for you!

I have also let Connor use it, he uses it in the evenings and I use it in the mornings and we stick it on to charge overnight, it works really well for us and we have definitely both seen a change in our appearance. During the toning session we can both see and feel our stomach muscles clenching and getting stronger.

I think the best part for me is that you can wear it in your day to day life and under clothes, so really, you don’t even know its there, toning without even knowing… Seems like a no-brainer to me and its priced really reasonably too, its currently got £40 off so only £99.99!

I’m off on holiday at the end of the month and have already been using my belt for a few weeks, I can’t wait to see the results after the first 4 weeks, I will be sure to keep you guys posted!

This is a paid partnership with Slendertone but all opinions are my own and honest.

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