If you’ve followed me for a while now you will know that is absolutely my number one place to go for all of Reggie’s clothes, shoes and accessories. They house the best brands all in one place and make shopping for a busy mum so straightforward and it gives me peace of mind that all Reggie’s clothes will be authentic and of high quality, lasting him for years.

Only recently though did it cross my mind to start searching for pieces that might work for me, I scrolled through the girl section and lucky enough, being 5ft 4″, the majority of the older girls clothes can fit me. I also stumbled across the most beautiful Gucci rucksack and thought straight away it would make the perfect changing bag!

Now that Reggie is two we can limit the things we take out with us and gone are the days where I would lug around a huge changing bag filled with the majority of his wardrobe. Not only does it work as the perfect sized, practical and most beautiful changing bag but soon enough it will also be the perfect size for Reggie to wear out and about and also to Pre-school early next year.

I definitely recommend and encourage you to think outside the box and search for things on that don’t immediately spring to mind. We have discovered some amazing new brands through and will continue to shop with them for as long as we can… Well now that I know I can shop there too, they’ve got a customer for life!!

Here are some of my current favourite pieces for both me and Reggie:



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