Making a house a home with INSTILES

Recently we were contacted by the wonderful team at Instiles to ask whether we’d be interested in featuring some of their wall tiles. Having just moved house and newly redecorated we knew we were in need of some personalisation but didn’t want to create any permanent damage to any of the walls, especially because Connor slaved away for weeks painting each room. So when we read up about Instiles and saw that they were stick and re-stick without any mess or damage they seemed like the perfect solution.

We chose 9 tiles and decided to make them all black and white and of course they are all of Reggie. I think they are such a sleek and sentimental addition to any room and the practicality of stick and re-stick means they can move with you and can be mixed around at any time.

The process of creating and ordering the tiles is incredibly straight forward and they arrive in such a short space of time, not to mention its free shipping!

You can order directly through their app or simply jump onto their website, click on the upload photos button, choose whether you’d like to upload from your device or social media, select your photos and place the order! There’s special bundle offers too!

Click here to create your memories that stick…


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