As promised, I have decided to leak some of my top secret blogging contacts.

I have really struggled over the past few years with bloggers who don’t want to help you out and encourage you, so I have decided to write a blog post giving you all the ins and outs and secrets to my blogging, I will give away some PR and brand contacts and show you how I edit my photos (this bit is on a separate blog post, CLICK HERE to open the blog post) I hope it helps you out…

My favourite PR companies to work with are:

  • PHA Group – https://www.thephagroup.com/
  • Goat Agency – info@goatagency.com
  • Carousel PR – info@carouselpr.com
  • I also used a PR company called Azaria PR who were excellent but unfortunately I have recently had some issues with so won’t be using them again. I could exclude them off this list but that’s not how I go about things and before the issues occurred they were great to work with. I used them on a gifting basis though and not price per post.


My favourite paid collab apps:

  • Takumi
  • IndaHash

A piece of advice I’d give you is that I’d never sell yourself cheap… whether you have 1000 followers or 100,000 followers, you always have a right to charge a price per post, you are advertising directly to the brands perfect clientele so you are untitled to ask for payment. I have always struggled to figure out how much I should charge per post and I still think I am selling my posts cheaper than other bloggers but as I blog full time for my job and rely on the collaborations for my monthly income I can’t afford to take the piss and have the companies decline my asking price.

I also get an idea of what my rate per post should be from the app ‘IndaHash’ which generates the price they believe is right for your following and engagement levels.

I have a separate price for each of the following;

  • Instagram Feed Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Blog Post
  • YouTube Video

And will offer a discount if the company wants coverage on multiple platforms.

The PR companies I have listed above have always been incredible to work with and I have never had any issues with them. I don’t feel as though I can give out my contacts personal addresses but if you feel as though you could definitely benefit the PR company and have the right following DM me and I will see if I can forward you on their personal emails.

I truly hope this has helped some of you out. I know the blogging industry is incredibly cut throat and daunting so every little bit of advice helps.

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