Having a baby doesn’t come with an instruction booklet and hurdles are thrown at you everyday!

A few months ago Connor and I found ourselves faced with the decision of which ‘next stage up’ car seat we would buy. We knew it was time to change Reggie’s seat as journeys became incredibly difficult and teary, he was too low down so felt claustrophobic and wasn’t able to see out the windows.

We knew we wanted a car seat that would provide the best support and solidity whilst lasting for at least a few years so when Joie got in touch and offered us their Stages FX car seat for review we accepted it with open arms.

We have been using it now for over 2 months and have seen a huge change in Reggie’s behaviour, he’s high enough up to see out the windows and doesn’t feel caged in. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable and there is plenty of space for him to wave his arms and kick his legs.

The most important thing in my eyes is that he was still able to rear face, the Stages FX grows with your baby, beginning rear facing and eventually becoming forward facing. The car seat faces rearward up to 18kg (about 4yrs old), forward from 9-25kg (20lbs-55lbs), and is the only seat needed from start to seven years.

So far in the past few months I have found it such a breath of fresh air having this car seat and knowing we’ll be able to get from A to B without a screaming baby. I will review it again once Reggie grows into the next stage but at the moment he’s got it like the middle photo above as the photo on the left was too snug.

If you’d like to read up on more details and safety features i’ll pop the links down below for you.

(Please note after this blog post Joie kindly got in touch to tell us we had incorrectly set up the car seat for Reggie, we have since corrected it but the headrest was set too high. The importance of the positioning of the headrest just above the shoulders, is for maximum support and security of the child’s head. If the headrest is positioned too high it will not offer full protection from side-impact crashes)


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