As you guys know I have a huge space in my heart for Munich, I lived there for almost 3 years when I was a little younger and left the country with so many memories, I just haven’t found the time and money to re-visit with Connor and Reggie but when the 25hrs Hotel chain got in touch and asked me to review their hotel I was absolutely over the moon, it was the perfect excuse to revisit all my memories and fondness for the city.

Having seen photos of the Royal Bavarian hotel before our stay I was super excited but nothing would prepare me for the sheer elegance and flair that the hotel had to offer, Mum and I were blown away by the decor and huge expanse of rooms, restaurants and bars that it had to offer!

As you can see from the photos each and every room, restaurant and bar were all unique in their own way, they have their own style and atmosphere which meant every day was a day of discovery! The two eateries were the Neni restaurant which is where breakfast was served beneath a huge chandelier, neon signs adorned the walls and the floor was covered in beautiful turquoise checked tiles and beside it you could find a restaurant called Lost Weekend which was the part I was most excited about having seen photos of the hotel online and on Instagram, It felt so fresh and inspiring, with greenery hung from an industrial grated ceiling and big open arched windows that let daylight flood in, it was the perfect place for a quick pick me up or coffee fix.

As I mentioned above the breakfast was served in the Neni restaurant and oh my gosh did they go all out!!!… It was fit for a king, with everything you could possibly want at breakfast time, to begin with you were greeted with a full length table covered in all different types of bread and pastries… and not to mentioned the fresh slab of honeycomb which you could scrape off yourself… There was then a counter with pots and jars filled with fresh yoghurt and fruit, granola, cereal and nuts, leading onto the hot food where you could plate up a full breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs – cooked every way – Oh also did I mention there was a huge stand filled to the brim with salted pretzels and süßsenf (sweet mustard… a Bavarian tradition)!! Don’t tell anyone but I took one to nibble throughout the day! There was then a whole counter adorned with cold meats, cheese, and more fruit and veg, which was one of Reggie’s favourite bits, and then finally one whole side of the restaurant was made up of coffee and tea machines, freshly squeezed juices, fruit and herbal tea and flavoured water! What more could you want.

I’ve spoken a little about the bars and restaurants but not yet showed you our room… Although we were offered an upgrade on arrival I stuck by the room we’d booked as I lovedddd the wooden walls, we stayed in the ‘Box Room’ which is €224 per night or €266 per night including breakfast…

The Box Room prides itself on its uniqueness and huge amounts of character, each room has slightly different details and quirky touches, a few additions that I photographed.. the golden dial-up room phone, Bavarian portraits hung on the walls and Save the water hand soaps which were available to buy and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a few for presents…

The room comprised of an all black toilet cubicle, a beautiful white tiled shower room with a ‘rain shower’, a queen bed which was plenty big enough for all 3 of us, Mum, Reggie and I… and it was sooo comfortable! The most instagrammable sink with enough mirrors so everyone could get ready at the same time! The bed legs were built up of books and there was a spare rug should your feet get cold on the beautiful floor tiles… but the thing that made me fall in love with the room the most was the beautiful natural wooden wall which filled the room with the smell of fresh wood and created a really raw snug atmosphere.

After discovering the bars, restaurants and our bedroom, We took a wander around the rest of the hotel… I took some photos of my favourite areas…

We didn’t even realise there was a sauna and gym on the top level of the hotel. My mum took Reggie for a bit so I could enjoy the sauna facilities, I obviously told her it was for blogging purposes… They had a boiling hot water sink and a huge selection of fruit and herbal teas that you could make up at your freewill, I made myself an Orange Tea and sat down to enjoy a warm foot bath, closely followed by 10 minutes in the Sauna and then a sit down on the outside terrace with a magazine and an apple which I found in a fruit basket, it was such hard work and was just so I could review it for you guys!

Theres so much I’d love to tell you guys but I also don’t want to ruin it by giving away all the secrets, so I’m going to leave some bits for you to discover yourself!

But why don’t I show you a few things that we did in Munich itself…

One of our first destinations was Odeonsplatz which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the city, with plenty of coffee shops buzzing with life, incredible architecture, ornate buildings and huge parks on its doorstep, it is definitely one of my favourite places. After we admired the architecture we took a walk through Hofgarten which, during the summer, is bedding with beautiful flowers and the perfect place to enjoy a takeaway coffee or bite to eat. To the side of the Hofgarten is a building called the Munich Resident which is so huge and breathtaking, its a Museum filled with original features and artwork, unfortunately they were doing work to it so we couldn’t get in or take any photos. However if you carry on walking through the Hofgarten and out the back you will come to a statue which is a war memorial, which is great if you love a bit of history, and behind the memorial is the most incredible building, which is the Bavarian State Government Office (Bayerische Staatskanzlei), annoyingly I was too distracted by it and forget to take a photo, but if you google it you’ll see what I mean by an incredible building!

Following on from these building you can walk just 5 minutes and be in the heart of the Englischen Garten which as you can see from the photos below is hugeeee and so beautiful! It was the perfect place to unwind and for Reggie to have a run about where I know it was safe.

We then moved onto Marienplatz as its right next to Odeonsplatz, and this is what I think of when anyone says Munich, again the buildings are beautiful and ornate and its filled with traditional Bavarian restaurants, shops and bars, but you can also find all the highstreet shops like H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti etc…

Also in Marienplatz is a restaurant called Hofbräuhaus which is a definite destination if you’re going to Munich, it is a traditional Bavarian restaurant, with the most delicious food, where you can choose things like Schnitzel and Leberkäs, or try their traditional Hofbrau Beer, all the waiters and waitresses are wearing Dirndls (Bavarian dresses, the type you see at Oktoberfest) and the men are in Lederhosen! Theres also live music, so you’re guaranteed the best atmosphere possible.

A short walk away from the centre of Marienplatz is a market called Viktualienmarkt, which was originally a farmers market and now a gourmet market open every day. It’s a perfect place to pick up some fresh food and souvenirs.

We also found a great spot for a coffee with an incredible view point of the centre of Marienplatz, it was on level 4 of the Ludwig Beck shopping centre and the cafe was called ‘Monaco Café‘… Highly recommend.

A few other places I’d recommend googling whilst in Munich are:

  • Nymphenburg Palace
  • Frauenkirche
  • Olympiapark
  • BMW Museum (For any car nuts, although I actually went and found it really cool!)
  • Karlsplatz
  • Hellabrunn Zoo (Such an amazing Zoo, I went when I lived in Munich and bumped into Nicholas Cage!)
  • Neuschwanstein Castle (Looks like the Disney Castle, this is probably a day trip but if you have the time I definitely recommend)
  • Asam Church, Munich
  • Maximilianstraße (Full of designer shops; Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton etc…)
  • Restaurant and Beer Garden at the Chinese Tower
  • Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg

All these places are so accessible from The Royal Bavarian as its located at the Hauptbahnhof station which is their Main Central Station.

For example, these are the times and trains to places from the hotel we stayed at:

  • Hotel – Marienplatz – S3 or S7 (3 min journey or 16 min walk)
  • Hotel – Odeonsplatz – U4 or U5 (2 min or walkable in 20 mins)
  • Hotel – Hellabrun Zoo – Take the U2 and then the U3 (takes 30 mins)
  • Hotel – Botanical Garden – Take the tram and then bus (25 mins)
  • Hotel – BMW Museum – U8 (20 mins)

Thank you so much to 25hrs Hotels and the Royal Bavarian for the most incredible and welcoming stay, we had such a wonderful time and would always love to come back and visit.

The stay was partly gifted by the 25hrs Hotel chain.

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