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I thought you guys may be interested in a few of my daily faves, I will use these every morning without fail as part of my routine.

So to start off with a couple of face products, my BIODERMA Sensibio H2O makeup remover, I have been using this for over a year now and its one of the only cleansers I’ve used that doesn’t dry out my face or leave me feeling as though I’ve left some product on my skin. It also smells amazing and something I’d definitely recommend if you’re trying to find a nice makeup remover, you can buy it in Boots for just under £11.

Next up is my Dermalogica skin smoothing cream which is really creamy and moisturising but doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny, I use it about 5/10 minutes before applying my foundation and it gives me the perfect base to work with and lasts all day, it has done my face huge favours this winter. The price starts off at £14.50 for the smallest bottle and works its way up to £57 for the biggest.

My everyday perfume is GUCCI guilty which is nothing out of the ordinary and I’m just one of the hundreds of thousands that wears it, but I have been wearing it for over 3 years and I can’t bring myself round to changing it as it smells so incredible!! It usually costs about £58 but its in Boots at the moment for just under £50.

I have also been obsessing over this hair serum that Connor brought home from work, I had a keratin treatment done about 4 months ago and Con told me to use a pea sized amount of the L’oreal Mythic Oil which I had no idea was so expensive until I just looked for the link for you guys but honestly its worth every penny, and like I said I have used it daily for the past 4 months and its barely gone down. It just gets rid of all my mad frizz whilst taming any split ends, it also moisturisers and adds a glamorous shine to my hair without making it look greasy which was my pet hate and put me off using any hair oils. I found with many other hair oils I’d apply it in the morning and by late afternoon my hair looked wet and greasy but this one definitely hasn’t given me those problems… I think for me it just gives my hair the ‘I’ve just been to the hairdressers’ look without having to leave my bedroom.

The Palmers Baby Oil has been part of my daily routine for a use thats most likely not what its intended for but I did it once and now feel as though I feel naked without it… I use it as a facial moisturiser but after my Dermalogica, I feel as though it just gives my skin a glow and hydrated look all day and keeps me feeling really moisturised, it hasn’t given me any spots and doesn’t give me a greasy face either, its just a really random product that I’ve been loving for an improper use!… Oh I also use it to soften my elbows and knees so my fake tan doesn’t go blotchy! Its only £3.99 and has multiple uses so won’t go to waste!

And finally a couple of beauty products that I have used for the last few years and felt deserved a mention…

First off is my much loved Magnif’eyes eyeshadow palette from Rimmel, i have bought this time and time again, it just seems to really work for me, the colours suit my skin tone and my eyes, the pigment is nice and thick but doesn’t drop at all and it lasts all day. There is the perfect balance between glitter and matte and it can go from an everyday palette to a nighttime glam eye sorta look! (I can’t find the same size palette as I’ve got so I’ve linked the bigger one but it seems to have the same shades!) If you’ve got similar colourings to me I hugelyyyyy recommend trying out this palette!

Next up is my Bourjois bronzing powder, again I’ve used this for years and actually hit the pan on this one so need to get hold of another one. But I don’t actually know whether it has a specific name or whether its just their bronzing powder, I’ve just always called it the Chocolate palette as guess what… it smells like chocolate! I have it in shade 52, it just gives a really natural bronzed glow without being too obvious and in your face, I use it all year round and it works whether I’m pale or just fake tanned. Its not hugely pigmented though so if you want a really deep bronzed look I wouldn’t recommend but I love that I can build it up from subtle to very contoured depending on the situation. It costs about £7.99 but this one has last over a year and I’ve probably still got a few months in it, so you get a lot of wear for your money.

And then last but not least is my new Dermalogica skin perfect primer, I’ve only used this for a bit over a week but its unlike any other primer I’ve tried before, It doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and cakey and it doesn’t make my foundation blotchy like every other primer I’ve tried out, it smooths my fine lines, brightens and primes my face to make my foundation look flawless… To be honest I have looked at the photos taken of me recently and thought something looked different, my skin looked better or I just looked nicer in the least stuck up sense, and I think it could be linked to my more flawless skin, perhaps I don’t look so blotchy and uneven in photos?… Just a theory but seems to make sense!? If you have a primer already that works for you and is cheap, I’d say stick to what you know but if you’re like me and haven’t found anything yet that works for you I would definitely recommend trying out the Dermalogica skin perfect primer. It is £44.50 though so you’ve got to be sure you want to bite the bullet!

I hope this was of interest to you guys as it’s something slightly different to normal and I want to say that none of the links are affiliate so I don’t earn any money if you buy through the links above, I just wanted to be very honest and share what I thinks hot! I was gifted the Dermalogica and Bioderma products, but as I said I have only shared what I’m loving, they sent quite a few different products but these are the ones I wanted to sing and dance about! #gifted but not an ad! All opinions are my own!

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