With a now turned 7 month old baby who has gone through breast feeding and also bottle feeding I wanted to share a couple of Tommee Tippee products that have made life so much easier and I would highly recommend!

The first is the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, we had the first model from when Reggie was born and about a month ago changed to the new one which is even better, the new Prep Machine is slimmer, quicker, has a volume option, a light up screen (whereas the older model had a dial to select which feed size you wanted) and also illuminates the water tank so you can see how long until it needs a water top up. I think the two best things about the new Prep Machine is the volume bottom, when Reggie was younger we had the Prep Machine in our bathroom next to our bedroom to make night feeds easier and the sound of the beeping would panic me, thinking Reggie might wake up, so the fact that you can turn the volume down or even off is a definite bonus. My other favourite feature is the light up screen, it means you don’t have to turn on any lights when making a bottle in the middle of the night, no angry babies or other halves…

The second product we use is the Steriliser, I know there are plenty of other options out there, you can boil the bottles on the stove, use milton tablets, or sterilise them in the microwave but we’ve found this electric steriliser to be the easiest and most efficient option. Again we’ve used this for the past 7 months and never had an issue. You just have to rinse out the bottles, dummies or medicine syringes, add 80ml of water to the steriliser and wait for it to work its magic, it normally takes about 5 minutes. Just make sure you add the right amount of water though as ours has boiled dry a few times and burnt the bottom of the steriliser. Oooops!

We have also stuck by the Tommee Tippee bottles, from the small 5ozers to the 9ozers which we are using at the moment, we also spent a few months using the anti-colic bottles which worked a treat. I know a few of my mummy friends swapped to MAM bottles and also Dr Brown’s because the Tommee Tippee teats collapsed but touch wood we’ve never had a problem. A trick I’ve picked up is that when you’ve finished making your babies bottle press down on the teat to release any leftover hot air in the bottle, this should stop the teats collapsing and also stop the milk squirting your baby in the face.

The on-the-go bottle warmer was also very helpful in the early stages of Reggie’s life, we haven’t used it quite so much now as Reggie will occasionally have room temperature milk because it feels nice on his teething gums but when we did take it with us, it saved a lot of hassle of finding somewhere that would warm the milk for us.


So there’s a few of our favourite kitchen essentials for Reggie, I feel as though a lot of people buy these bits because they seem to be most popular and a safe choice but I would 100% recommend all of them from experience, mind you I haven’t tried any other brands but I also haven’t ever felt the need to as I’ve never had a problem and don’t feel as though I need it to be any easier than it already is.

I hope this has helped you make a few decisions, I know there are so many products out there and lots of reviews to read through so it can all become a bit overwhelming.



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