Today seems like a good day to update you guys and let you know how I’ve got on with my New Nordic Hair Volume Supplements, I was absolutely over the moon when New Nordic got in touch and offered me a taster trial for review as my hair has definitely taken a turn for the worst this past year, due to stress, numerous re-dyes of my hair and childbirth.

(The photo above has been taken 2 months apart, and although my hair has been slightly curled in the right hand photo, they are both finished styles, the photo on the left my hair has been straightened, so you can see a huge difference in quality and strength of hair. At the start of my trial and in the photo on the left you can see how badly damaged my hair is from root to end, its pretty lifeless and theres no volume, whereas 2 months into my trial my hair has sprung to life, its more shiny, its healthier, stronger and is naturally lifted off my head due to the added volume.)

I didn’t know what to expect and I am always very sceptical about lotions, potions and supplements unless I can experience the results first hand and see what they’re really about… 

I have now been taking their hair volume supplements for two and a half months and have absolutely seen a difference, I have been keeping you updated on my Instagram but a few of the main things I have noticed are; The strength of my hair, I can feel that each individual hair has become more substantial and doesn’t just snap like it used to, another huge factor for me is the growth of my ‘baby hair’, I have had baby hair for as long as I remember and it only got worse after giving birth to Reggie, it almost looks like I have a lion mane, so I was so excited to see whether the supplements tamed it at all. I would say my baby hair has doubled in length and can now be tied back into my ponytail, bearing in mind this hair never grew and just stayed at the same steady length for a matter or years, even a few millimetres would have been a very welcome change so to see growth of about four centimetres seems unreal! And another huge bonus is that taking the supplements helps prevent premature grey hairs!

Because the supplements are completely natural and have no nasties in I was never concerned about what was going into my system and whether they were bad for me, they are made out of three main ingredients; Apple, Millet and Horsetail. If you’re interested I have included the breakdown of ingredients below…

You only need to take one tablet a day and I found it worked best for me in the morning with a glass of water after I’d eaten my breakfast.

The supplements come in three different sizes so you can choose the duration in which you do them; A box of 30 tablets (enough for 1 month, £24.95), a box of 90 tablets (enough for 3 months, £59.95) or a pot of 180 tablets which is enough for a 6 month journey and costs £95.99.

I was also lucky enough to give ten free trials away to my followers and I have already received such great feedback and they are all really positive about their experience, on top of that I also have a really exciting opportunity to share 20% off with you guys if you decide this is something you’d like to try out for yourselves, use just use the code LivRose20 at checkout and you will receive 20% off, this will run until the end of August 2019.

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