For those of you that know me will know that the most important thing in my life is my family, I love them with all of my heart and couldn’t bare the thought of something happening to any of them.

So when I heard about the Connected Care HIVE Link security system I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to set it up in our grandma’s house. Fortunately our grandma is still with her husband so she has that added element of care but you can never been too sure about elderly people and know when they might become vulnerable and need an extra set of eyes and ears which is why, in mine and many other peoples opinions, the HIVE Link security system is such an incredible product.

If you followed my stories during the set-up you’ll know that its an incredibly quick and easy process and doesn’t leave your grandparents or loved ones mind-boggled and confused.

HIVE sends a BT engineer to the house of your chosen loved one to set up the system, as I said its an incredibly easy process;

Once the engineer arrived he ran through a small amount of paperwork, this was just a written agreement saying that our grandparents were happy with us “keeping an eye” on their movements via the HIVE app, once the paperwork was signed the engineer plugged in the ‘Hub’, the Hub is where all of the activity is recorded and is how I can track their activity on my phone, everything is linked to the hub, for example the door and window sensors, the kettle and toaster sensors and also the motion sensors, so as you can tell by its name, it is the ‘Hub’ for all of the products to link back to.
After the Hub was set up the engineer started setting up the sensors themselves, so we had a kettle and toaster sensor, these pick up and alert me each they are in use, a cupboard sensor we put this on their cup cupboard as I know they love a couple of coffees a day and I’d realise something wasn’t quite right if the cupboard wasn’t opened, we also had two motion sensors set up, one of which was chest height in their kitchen and the other was placed on a bookshelf, chest height in their living room, again these are two rooms which are most frequently used, a sensor was also placed on the plug for their TV and the last sensor was fitted on their most used door, this is primarily a magnetic strip which is fitted on the wall and door so that once the door is opened and the magnetic strip is separated it again notifies me in the app.

Not only does the HIVE Link security system give me peace of mind as I can keep track of their daytime movements but also their nighttime movements, for example perhaps the motion sensor is set off, one of our grandparents has decided to go to the toilet in the night, but the motion sensor isn’t set back off afterwards, perhaps they might have had a fall in the bathroom, or maybe at night time the back door is opened at a peculiar hour, this would raise a concern for me so I’d immediately phone my grandparents to see whether it was them or a potential burglar.

I think this Connected Care system is an absolute god send for grandparents who may have life threatening illnesses or perhaps are more vulnerable than others, for example my other grandma has Diabetes and Tinnitus which can cause major dizziness and hypo fits which if left unattended can be life threatening, my auntie lives with her and cares for her which is why my immediate concern wasn’t to fit a system in her house but in my other grandparents, however I will definitely ask whether she’d like one fitted as I know how priceless they are now! She was also left alone last year whilst my auntie went on holiday and although my parents and I checked on her a handful of times a day, one of the days she actually tripped over the dishwasher and broke her hip, we didn’t know this had happened until we next went and checked on her which luckily was only about 20 minutes, so the Connected Care system could have been hugely helpful in this situation.

But don’t think its only for elderly people, not only do people buy them for parents or siblings who are more vulnerable but also for pets, as they are an amazing way to keep an eye on their movements. You can also link up lots of other products to the HIVE Hub, for example, lightbulbs and heating that can be controlled by your phone, cameras and also plugs that allow you to turn on your electrical devices from anywhere on your phone.

My experience with HIVE Link has been absolutely eye opening and 100% positive, the whole process was incredibly easy, the app on my phone is straight forward and easy to use and it has given me complete peace of mind. I honestly couldn’t recommend this system enough and can guarantee you’ll appreciate it as much as I do.

#AD This is a paid collaboration but the review and all opinions are my own and completely honest – CLICK HERE to find out more.

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