Hi Everyone, I thought I’d quickly jump on here to tell you about our recent visit to Knole Park in Sevenoaks.

We’d only heard whispers from a couple of people about a local park with a beautiful house… These were definitely understatements. I can’t believe we’d never heard about it before…

Connor has every Monday off as he works Saturdays so each week we try to find something family orientated to do, to broaden Reggie’s knowledge and let him experience new things…

As we arrived at Knole Park, we were greeted by a huge house (castle) which is open to the public but you have to pay for the tour, inside the castle in a separate entrance they also had two cafes which on the day we chose were absolutely heaving, I had to wait 30 minutes for a cappuccino which is never fun with a tired toddler, the grounds were also very busy, with lots tourists and locals just enjoying a walk. But I’m pretty sure we chose a bank holiday which is never a good idea!

We’d heard rumours that there were herds of deer, we were hoping to just catch a glimpse in the distance to show Reggie but what a shock… there were hundreds!!!!!!

It cost us just £4 which was the price of the car park and we were able to get up close and personal to the deer and enjoy a nice fresh walk, they had so much open space as well so Reggie could run around as much as he wanted without me having to chase after him. I would definitely recommend a puddlesuit as there were plenty of puddles and piles of deer droppings for Reggie to fall in!

The coffee was nice and pretty averagely priced. They’d run out of food as it was the busiest day of the year…typical … but they did whistle up a cheese sandwich for Reggie at no extra cost.

I would definitely recommend if you’re local, I’d even recommend if it was an hours drive away!

Cost – £4 for the car park and then there is a cafe for food and drinks.

If you want an amazing view of the landscape you can climb the gatehouse tower in the castle which is £3.50 per adult and £2.00 per child (until March and then the prices go up) or you can explore the whole castle, seeing all of the rooms and also the gardens for £16.50 per adult or £8.25 per child… they also have a very instagrammable orangery which I might have to make a trip to…!

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